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Chapter - Preface

Related Documents

The ADAMO Data System, an Introduction for particle Physicists, describes ER modelling using a simple high energy physics example and shows how a dictionary is produced. A working program is presented, based on the same example and using many of the FORTRAN manipulation routines of ADAMO. A VAX/VMS command file is available to take the programmer through the example.

The ADAMO Data System, a Car Registration Example, is similar to the previous paper, but uses a Car Registration example popular within the data modelling community. It also comes with a command file to make it work.

The ADAMO Application Notes are documents describing application software written by various authors in the early days of the system. They are obsolete in some respects, but may be relevant for some application domains.

A Collection of papers about ADAMO is a set of reprints of papers by various authors, dealing with different aspects of the use of the system.


SF and PP - CERN PTG - ADAMO Reference Manual for Version 3.3 - 13 Dec 93