Index of TAP routines
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Index of TAP routines

Below is a list of subroutines and functions in alphabetical order with their parameters. The value returned by a function is shown following a `-->'.

After this list is a glossary of routine arguments. Each argument is described by 2 fields showing the basic type of the argument, and a short description of the argument. If an argument has a list of possible values, then these are shown in parentheses at the end of the description.

The basic types of routine arguments are integer (INTE), logical (LOGI), character of maximum length 4, 16, 32 or 256 (CHA4, CH16, CH32 or C256), other character strings (CHAR), and a special code (PARA) which is used to indicate that the type of the argument is not the concern of the user. Arguments of type PARA have their type and value set by FORTRAN declaration statements and PARAMETER statements provided by PARTAP (Section IV-1.3). Results of functions are described as arguments.

If the argument is terminated by a digit then this should be ignored for the basic meaning of that argument.

Alphabetic list by routine

Glossary of Arguments

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