The Authors
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Part VI. - Appendices

VI.D - The Authors

ADAMO development started from a number of discussions on data structures and data management within the ALEPH experiment in the years 1982 and 1983, as part of the software planning effort of the collaboration. Francesco Fidecaro, Steve Fisher, Henri Kowalski, Mike Mermikides, Paolo Palazzi and Henri Videau contributed to the early thinking. Antonio Dileva, from the University of Torino, pointed to the Entity-Relationship Model as an interesting strategy for what we intended to do.

The authors are:

Alberto Aimar

Designed and wrote the TIP as his Thesis work at the University of Torino.

Luciano Basadonna

Designed and wrote the first version of the TAP and its manual.

Renato Brazioli

Designed and wrote version 2 and 3 of the TAP as his Thesis work at the University of Torino.

Steve Fisher

Overall designer, in charge of engineering.

Paolo Palazzi

Overall designer and project coordinator.

Weiren Zhao

Designed and wrote the data definition tools that are now combined into the MAD.

Other who contributed include:

Antonio Bassi

Port to the CRAY.

Franco Carena

Work on UNIX installation.

Xiaojun Chen

Preparatory work on the test system.

Andrej Dake

Work on UNIX installation.

Mike Green

Wrote the Introductory Guide and developed a tutorial.

John Hart

Wrote the VM installation procedure.

Takis Kokkinias

Worked on an earlier ORACLE DB interface.

Peppe La Commare

Author of some routines of the TIP and of an internal documentation tool.

Chris Roberts

Developed tests.


Preparatory work on the documentation.

Geraldo Xexeo

Documentation tools.

Efstratios Zevgolatakos

Worked on an earlier ORACLE DB interface.

Suggestions and help have been offered by:

Rene Brun

Assistance in interfacing to PAW.

Peter Bussey

Made useful suggestions for the documentation.

Norman McCubbin

Filled some holes in the documentation.

Pietro Zanarini

Extensions to KUIP.


SF and PP - CERN PTG - ADAMO Reference Manual for Version 3.3 - 13 Dec 93