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Chapter 4. Generating Code

4.7 - Summary

From the DDL as input, the MAD automatically generates the interface files for ADAMO applications in the desired format. The format depends on the programming language used by the ADAMO application. The interface files consist of the INITAP routine, the CREOBJ routine, and one for each ESet that contains the declaration of the Window Common Block. The concepts introduced in this chapter are:

The INITAP routine

Automatically generated by the MAD and performs TAP initialisations. It includes the call to the CREOBJ routine.

The CREOBJ routine

Automatically generated by the MAD and creates and initialises the data structures in memory. Called from the INITAP routine.

Window Common Block

(WIN) A common block for each ADAMO table and by which it may be accessed. Allows the viewing of only one row of the table at a time. File containing its declaration is automatically generated by the MAD.


BR and MR - CERN PTG - ADAMO Users Guide for Version 3.3 - 11 Oct 93