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Chapter 11. Interactive analysis

11.13 - Summary

ADAMO ER data may be accessed in various ways. As shown in the previous chapters, one may write a Fortran program that calls TAP routines to manipulate data within algorithms, to print them and store them in files. The TI offers the same possibilities through an interactive dialogue. Every task that may be done with programs calling TAP routines may be done interactively within the TI. One may also generate with the MAD, or manually write, KUIP macro files that may be executed from within the TI. The TIP is a superset of the TI including all of PAW as well as commands combining ADAMO and PAW.

The concepts introduced in this chapter are:


An interactive tool to manipulate ADAMO data and produce histograms in combination with PAW.


The TI is a subset of the TIP without PAW functionalities.


Kit for a User Interface Package, the command interface package used by PAW, the MAD, the TIP and TI.

KUMAC file

A KUIP macro file.


Fortran interpreter which may be used on its own or from PAW or the TIP but not the TI.


BR and MR - CERN PTG - ADAMO Users Guide for Version 3.3 - 11 Oct 93