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Chapter 1. A quick tour of ADAMO

1.5 - Summary

We have provided an overview of the ADAMO system by outlining the development of the small program polyline. The essential phases of this process are problem specification, modelling data with the DDL, writing a program in a selected language, generating the source code that creates the data structures, compiling, linking and running. Interactive analysis of ADAMO ER data may be done with the ADAMO tool TIP. The concepts introduced in this chapter are:

Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram

A pictorial representation of data structure that is modelled according to the rules of the Entity-Relationship Model, i.e. reality is modelled in terms of entities and relationships between them.

Data Definition Language (DDL)

Machine readable language that defines rigorously the data model represented by an ER diagram.

Generic ADAMO File (GAF)

The permanent storage medium of the ER data of ADAMO applications.

TAP Library

The TAP (TAble Package) is the extensive ADAMO library of subroutines to manipulate tabular or ER data.


The MAD (MAnipulate Dictionary) is the ADAMO tool that generates the necessary initialisation and data structure declaration source files in various programming languages. The primary input of the MAD is the DDL.


(Table Interaction + Plotting) The TIP is the interactive equivalent of the TAP library plus PAW. Everything that may be done with calls to TAP routines may be done interactively from within the TIP. The inclusion of PAW provides plotting facilities.


BR and MR - CERN PTG - ADAMO Users Guide for Version 3.3 - 11 Oct 93