Installing ADAMO on a UNIX machine
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Chapter A - Appendices

A.7 - Installing ADAMO on a UNIX machine

ADAMO is written in Fortran and should run on any machine with a suitable compiler; it has been installed on VAX (VMS), IBM (VM/CMS and NEWLIB) and a range of UNIX machines. Machine dependencies are explained in Appendix A of the ADAMO Programmers Manual.

For UNIX based machines the installation procedure is the following:

As shown in Figure A.7, the installation script will create the following directories and files:

If you have any problems with the installation of ADAMO you can contact Steve Fisher at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for advice (e-mail to


BR and MR - CERN PTG - ADAMO Users Guide for Version 3.3 - 11 Oct 93